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White snow touching everything outside makes me believe that we've really arrived at winter and that Christmas is almost a week away.  I have many unfinished and unstarted projects leading up to the latter and yet, other things seem to fill my days and nights.  I'm satisfied with the fillers in my days though.  The suiting up of four girls heading out in the snow, putting more cocoa on the stove, feeding the ever-hungry Rowan around the clock, keeping the snowy-wet clothes away from the dirty clothes piles, tidying here and there, driving kids here and there, and taking a break to watch Christmas classics with the girls when, really, that sounds much better than checking something off my list.

I'm sure I'll get the most important things checked off eventually.  Last evening I distinctly remember sitting on the floor folding laundry, my girls piled on my bed while contently watching another version of The Christmas Carol, and me squeezing Rowan tightly after he happily toddled into my arms.  I held him tightly with my eyes closed and said to myself, "Take in this moment.  Hold it for a moment."  The merry singing from the screen, the seven carefully folded piles surrounding me, four enthralled girls snuggled close together, and a little child with his arms squeezing my neck because he loves me more than food.  

This is enough.  This is how I want to remember my life.  These are the moments that matter.

the sleepy time gal