hand-painted gift wrap







We are officially in full swing of Nutcracker rehearsals and now, performances for my two little angels.  Thankfully the fun of it all is so contagious it helps one forget the constant traveling back and forth, angel curls, late nights, and mother's nerves watching her two girls over and over on stage (with crossed fingers).  It is so magical for my girls to be involved in something so big, so memorable, and exciting.

With what time we do have at home lately, my girls either can be found dancing to the Nutcracker music (which they still never tire of, even after rehearsals) or quietly making something for Christmas.

Since we use fabric bags for wrapping Christmas presents within our family, wrapping presents for extended family and others means getting a little creative.  With extra large sheets of paper (of which we always have on hand for all of their projects and art), each of my girls got red and green paint and chose a paintbrush.  And away they went, painting patterns ( I reminded them that a pattern might look better than one big picture since you wouldn't know what size the gift was that the paper might be wrapping).  I loved the outcome!  Beautiful patterns of candy canes (Johanna), gifts (Caroline), big green blobs (Ainsleigh), and Christmas tree people (Annabelle) covered their papers.

After letting the papers dry, I cut them into smaller, more manageable pieces based on what we'd be wrapping.  Now we have a stack of hand painted gift wrap all ready to be taped up.  I'm a traditionalist with the green and red, but you could certainly add more colors to the palette.  I think rainbow colors for year-round birthday gift wrap would be awesome with stripes or polka dots.

And with that, I'm off.  More lunches to pack, shuttling of kids, and a bag of yarn to turn into pom poms as I watch and wait today's performance.

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

the sleepy time gal